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As the Borough Engineer for the Borough of Fanwood for 6 years, Kupper has assisted the Borough in many improvement projects for the Borough. We work closely with the Planning Board, Zoning Board and Department of Public Works to help manage a wide variety of projects. Some of these projects have been unique to the Borough and most have had State or Local Funding. A summary of some of these projects follow:

CNJ Caboose: The Borough of Fanwood was founded through the efforts of the Central Land Improvement Company affiliated with the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ). The Borough of Fanwood is proud of its railroad history and uses the former Fanwood Railroad Station (designated on the State and National Registers of Historic Places) as its Community House.

An opportunity arose to acquire a CNJ Caboose to be located next to the Community Center. The Caboose would be restored and used as a learning center for railroad history.

Kupper, LLC successfully applied for New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Transportation Enhancement Program funds to facilitate the project. Kupper planned the work to be done, developed a site plan and coordinated with the Borough and the NJDOT. Kupper also coordinated with various historical societies and commissions and prepared an Application for Project Authorization under the New Jersey Register of Historic Places Act.

LaGrande Park Baseball Field: The old playing fields of LaGrande Park were adjacent to a handicap accessible playground for young children and there had been a growing concern that the flying softballs could injure the children using the playing equipment. The project was initiated to eliminate the number of balls being hit into playground by reorienting the field thereby increasing the distance from home plate to the outfield fence. The fields were also regarded to improve drainage.

The project comprises a little league field and a soft ball field. Kupper, LLC performed survey, design and construction inspection services for the reconstruction of the two ball fields. Scope of work included provision of sodded playing fields; an irrigation system with booster pumping; new backstops; and miscellaneous equipment.

LaGrande Park Tennis Courts: The existing tennis courts at the Borough?s LaGrande Park experienced severe deterioration. Large cracks rendered the courts barely playable. Surface drainage was poor and birdbaths were evident for a day or two after a rainfall. Additionally, the posts for the nets were leaning due to deteriorated foundations. The original asphalt-bound courts were constructed more than thirty years ago. Over the years, the courts had been re-surfaced several times by overlaying. It appeared that any additional overlaying without correcting the underlying structural deficiencies would not solve the problems. Kupper, LLC provided the design and construction management services for the rehabilitation of the tennis courts. Work under the project included removing the existing tennis court surfaces to subgrade level. A 2? dense graded aggregate base course was then installed. The court surface comprised 2? of asphalt leveling course and 1-1/2? of asphalt surface course. An acrylic coating system was selected for the surface finish.

During construction of the tennis courts, the contractor encountered clay and organic materials at subgrade level. These materials, if left in place, would lead to premature failure and cracked surfaces. A total of 500 cubic yards of unsuitable subbase materials were excavated and replaced with soil aggregate material. The project also included a new 10? high fence with multiple players? entrance gates. Other amenities included a new walkway path and sitting areas with new benches.

Kupper, LLC also assisted the Borough in their ongoing roadway improvement plans. The community was eligible for community improvement grants from various sources. Kupper assisted the Borough in identifying projects and preparing grant applications. Our assistance has helped secure for the Borough more than one-half million dollars in grants from the Union County Community Development Block Grant Fund and the New Jersey Department of Transportation Bureau of Local Aid. These funds were applied to several projects as identified in this project description.

Woodland Avenue: Kupper provided Engineering Services During Construction, to the Borough of Fanwood, for the reconstruction of approximately 1,350 linear feet of Borough roadway located in a residential area. Major pay items include 1,250 tons of hot mix asphalt base and surface courses; 2,500 linear feet of granite block curb; 150 tons of 4? thick hot mix asphalt driveways and 2,200 s.y. of sodding. The entire project was funded by the Borough of Fanwood.

Pleasant Avenue: Kupper co-designed and is providing engineering services during construction, to the Borough of Fanwood, for the reconstruction of approximately 3,000 SF of Borough Roadway located in a residential area and located between two major arterial roads. The project generally consists of 4,500 tons of hot mix asphalt base and surface courses; 1,500 sf of storm sewer pipe; 20 inlets; 5,800 lf of granite curb; 1,150 sy of hot mix asphalt driveways; 1,200 lf of traffic markings and 4,000 sy of sodding. A portion of the project is funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Bureau of Local Aid.

Russell Road: Kupper provided engineering services during construction, to the Borough of Fanwood, for reconstruction of approximately 1,850 l.f. of Borough roadway located in a residential area adjacent to the Borough?s Municipal Complex. The work included curbs, sidewalk, driveway aprons and storm drainage. Major pay items included 1,300 tons of hot mix asphalt base and surface course; 2,000 l.f. of granite block curb; 400 s.y. of concrete sidewalk and driveways and 1,550 s.y. of sodding. A portion of the project is funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Bureau of Local Aid.

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