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We have designed complex detention/retention structures and extensive networks of infiltration facilities. Our hydrologic/hydraulic expertise, allows us to develop intricate analytical computer models for any open channel or floodplain situation.


The Village of Stamford is located in Delaware County in southeastern New York, approximately 45 miles west-southwest of Albany. The West Branch of the Delaware River flows south through the village. At Stamford, the West Branch drains an area of 7.12 square miles. Flooding in the Village has been historically related to heavy spring rains and a melting snowpack.

Kupper was retained to conduct a reconnaissance study to determine whether there is a Federal interest, under current policy, in participating in a solution to the reported flooding problem. Kupper's services included an inventory of environmental resources and geological conditions; hydrologic and hydraulic analyses (including the development of flood discharge frequencies and profiles for the 2, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 year events); damage surveys and assessments employing SID (Structure Inventory for Drainage Analysis and EAD (Expected Annual Damages); evaluation of alternative solutions; and calculations and sketches for a recommended plan (channel modifications and replacement of five culverts).

Project costs using MCACES (Micro-Computer Aided Cost Estimating System) and benefits were computed for the selected plan. The environmental and social impacts of the recommended plan were briefly assessed. Finally and HTRW literature search and a database review were conducted and a preliminary assessment was made of the potential impacts of HTRW on the recommended plan.

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