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Kupper has provided survey services for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) for over a decade. The surveys have been provided at numerous PANYNJ facilities located in New Jersey, including Newark Liberty International Airport, Teterboro Airport, ElizabethPort and Port Newark.

Our survey services began at ElizabethPort, in 1997, with the preparation of a vacation map and deed descriptions for the vacation of a 4000? portion of McLester Street and 700? portion of Bay Avenue. Our next project was a topographic/route survey of the McLester Street and North Avenue East intersection, which is the main access route into ElizabethPort. The survey covered an area of approximately 32 acres. Additional surveys were provided at the intersection for right-of-way determination, parcel acquisition mapping for the realignment of the intersection and construction stakeout for fences.

Other surveys provided within ElizabethPort include a boundary line determination between PANYNJ?s western property line and adjoining IKEA?s eastern property line. This survey required a boundary survey of 3 tax lots having a combined area of 250 acres and a location survey along the 2500? long common line. Another boundary survey was performed near the intersection of Corbin and Bay Streets to determine property line locations. In total 6 tax lots having areas of between 1.5 acres to 15 acres were surveyed. Locations of all physical features within the 800? by 1100? area were surveyed. Within Port Newark we prepared mapping and deed descriptions for 13 deed notices for the removal of underground storage tanks.

PANYNJ requested that Kupper provide surveys to support the major expansion at Newark Liberty International Airport (NLIA). Over a three year period, on a daily basis, we provided surveys in support of design, construction and as-builts. The surveys were utilized by PANYNJ and the NLIA expansion program manager for design purposes, construction stage verifications and record documents of the completed construction. In addition to the surveys for the NLIA expansion, the complete survey and mapping of all utilities within airport property was provided by Kupper and other PANYNJ consultants. Kupper was tasked with the surveys of the entire air-side portion of the airport, which covered the runways, taxiways, terminal ramps and access roads. As the project progressed we were also tasked with surveys in the public areas of the Central Terminal Area. At the peak of the project, between early 2000 through early 2002, we had 2 to 3 two man field crews and 3 to 4 office staff assigned to the project. NLIA is one of the busiest airports in the country; as such closure of runways or taxiways for surveys was generally not possible. Surveys of the runways and taxiways were generally provided at the time of construction operations when a runway was closed, or at night during early morning hours. Our field crews worked nights for many months to complete the runway and taxiway surveys. Surveys were made of surface utilities; sub-surface utilities as marked-out; sub-surface utilities located in the trench at time of construction; sub-surface utilities exposed by test pit; topographic and location; and construction stakeout verification of certain structure components.

Prior to the NLIA expansion program, Kupper provided surveys at NLIA including topographic and utility surveys of Airport Road (3400?), Brewster Road (4200?), the northern portion of the airports fuel tank farm and parking lot #4. We also provided a partial boundary survey of the 32 acre fuel tank farm which fronts on U.S. Routes 1 and 9 near the southwest corner of the 2,027 acre airport. The boundary survey was utilized in support of the creation of a lease to the company that manages the fuel distribution at NLIA.

At Teterboro Airport, in connection with permitting for the re-alignment of Redneck Road, we have recently completed a wetlands survey of a 37 acre site located along the southern limits of the airport.

All surveys were tied into the New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System (NAD27). Elevations are based on PANYNJ datum, which is set so that elevation 0 is 297.37 feet below NGVD1929 datum. Deliverables provided include, as applicable, signed and sealed drawings, Autocad file(s) of the survey, deed descriptions, survey reports, copies of field notes and data collector files.

In addition to surveys and mapping provided by Kupper, our survey field personnel have worked with PANYNJ party chiefs as members of PANYNJ field crews for surveys at Teterboro airport, Port Newark, ElizabethPort, the west portal of the Lincoln Tunnel, the east portal and approach to the Holland Tunnel and a waterfront site in Hoboken.

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