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Before the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority's (CCMUA) Regional Wastewater Treatment System was constructed, 45 million gallons per day of inadequately treated sewage was discharged into the lakes and streams of Camden County. Local municipal treatment plants, some 50 years old, were handling more flow than they were designed for. Camden County's surface water, groundwater, and drinking water were threatened by this pollution and the State of New Jersey ranked Camden County's wastewater treatment system as the number one environmental protection priority in the state.

The Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders created the CCMUA in 1972 to assume responsibility and the sole authority to plan for and treat wastewater within Camden County as required by the Federal Clean Water Act. The CCMUA now operates a regional system comprising two treatment plants, 25 pumping stations, and 90 miles of pipe serving 37 municipalities.

Kupper's first contract with the CCMUA was executed in 1977. We have worked continuously with the CCMUA ever since.

Projects we have completed for the CCMUA include the following:

  • Design services and engineering services during construction for the Big Timber and Cooper River Interceptor systems. This $150million project involved 17 pump stations ranging in capacity from 1 to 58 MGD; 48 miles of gravity interceptor, pressure sewer and force main varying in diameter from 10 to 96 inches; and 14 metering and sampling stations.
  • Design services and engineering services during construction for the $ 8 million Berlin Interceptor, which included two pump stations and six miles of gravity sewers and force mains.
  • Construction management and inspection of the $12 million interceptor system that serves the potion of Camden County within the Atlantic Basin. This project involved the construction of three pump stations and approximately 9 miles of force mains.
  • Design and construction management for the rehabilitation of the Baldwin's Run force main. After 20 years of service, a section of the force main (designed and inspected by others) suffered a collapse. Kupper oversaw the emergency repairs and then engineered the permanent repairs, which involved sliplining approximately 3800 feet of 36"; diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe at a cost of $1.6 million.
  • Design and construction management for the upgrading and expansion of the CCMUA's Winslow Treatment Plant. This $7 million project, which increased plant capacity from 1.65 MGD to 2.25 MGD, included new headworks, a second oxidation ditch, two final clarifiers, a tertiary filter, effluent equalization and new recharge basins.
  • Design services and engineering services during construction a new gravity belt thickener system and sludge dewatering system at the CCMUA's 80 MGD Delaware No. 1 Water Pollution Control Facility.

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